Samsung SCX-4720 MICR toner cartridges
also used for Samsung SCX-4720F, SCX4720D3/XAA, SCX4720D6/XAA series

Supplier to banks,
businesses & governments worldwide
with check software
& accessories FOR 59 YEARS

     Print 48,000 checks or bank drafts

          Max-Fill™: $297.77   BUY NOW

• Our MICR toner won't flake off the paper
• Our MICR toner won't smear during handling
• We properly prepare ALL parts. We've seen competitor cartridges that will severly damage printers.
• Will print solid black MICR symbols (not light gray un-scanable MICR) SEE THE DIFFERENCES
• 100% readable MICR by ALL bank & retail MICR scanners
• Our MICR toner CAN be used to print like regular toner.
• FREE replacement if MICR toner cartridge fails ANY of these criteria
• Fast delivery. Most orders shipped SAME DAY at no extra charge

Unknown FACTS about MICR

             180 DAY MONEYBACK GUARANTEE   
Only MICR toner cartridges are filled to maximum capacity.

Manufacturers & our competitors make huge profits on cartridges because they rarely fill above 1/3 capacity. Some competitor MICR flakes off check paper, MICR smears and will NOT scan when bank tested because magnetic content is incorrect. Instead of supplying mostly empty shells, we offer our exclusive Max-Fill™ cartridges. For less than the cost of 2, you receive MICR toner of 3 cartridges or more. You also eliminate hassles of buying & changing many cartridges. BONUS: Our MICR toner CAN be used to print like regular toner.

We also offer the most $$$ for recycling empties. We pay up to $20 refund or credit by returning empty cartridge(s). Value depends on model & condition of cartridge. IMPORTANT: Like our competitors, Single-Fill and Double-Fill have recycled parts which may affect printer messages, print quality and lifespan. Max-Fill™ are new. *Check yields based on optimal conditions.

All our MICR cartridges meet American Bankers Association (ABA),
Canadian Bankers Association and Canadian Payments Association standards.
American Bankers Association                Canadian Payments Association    

This GUARANTEES our MICR cartridge will meet specifications at YOUR bank.

WARNING: We've heard from many people who purchased MICR cartridges from other sources, only to discover after complaints from their bank, that the toner is NOT READABLE by bank scanners. As in most industries, there is good and bad MICR toner. We test every batch with our MICR reader and at our bank. We can't afford mistakes because we supply accountants, attorneys, banks, businesses, credit unions, government agencies and police & we ship worldwide.

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