Get paid instantly without transaction fees.

Accept checks by phone, fax, email or online website.
ChecksNet converts customer data to bank drafts
that you deposit just like checks.

Window 10.1 * & Windows 8.1 compatible
Install on 4 desktops, laptops or tablets for 1 price!
NO transaction fees, monthly fees, payment delays,
equipment leases or credit card chargeback headaches.

  • Print customer payment in 3 seconds ... fast & simple.
  • Customers pay you by phone, tablet, smartphone, fax, email or website using their checking, savings, or credit card checks. 
  • REQUIREMENTS: Free-standing~ Windows Xp / Media Center / Vista / 7 / 8 or 8.1 / 10.0 or 10.1 desktop, laptop or tablet with 32bit operating system installed on C: drive AND a physical printer designated as DEFAULT. You MUST install printer, then ChecksNet.
    Not sold, available, supported for 64bit operating systems or 32bit Windows in a virtual environment.
    Check your Windows system
    64bit Workaround: Install 32bit Windows on a new partition, access via dual boot.
  • Time Payments. Print a batch or schedule to print weekly, monthly.
  • Bank Validator avoids bounced drafts.
  • Make business or wallet-size drafts or checks
  • Endorsement print up to 10 lines on back. (eliminates rubber stamps).
  • Creates complete deposit slip with 1 click including list of deposit items.
  • Tips to turn bad checks into $$$ without fees
  • Import or export data in ASCII, db, dbf, comma-separated (CSV).
  • Use with laser or multi-function laser printers. We suggest a MICR toner cartridge to avoid bounced checks, bank fees, merchant and ATM rejections.
  • Backup your data & layouts with 1 click
  • Search database 7 ways .
  • Add security watermarks, logos, photos, graphics.
  • 90 days of FREE tech support by email & $100 worth of free phone support.
  • NEW! PayMeNow Android and iPhone app goes to a secure payment page Enter bank draft from any smartphone, notebook, other computer or direct your customers to the PayMe secure website page anytime 24/7. Actual photo of PayMe on smartphone:
MSRP $699.99     On sale now ... see PRICES
Order & receive $35 Bonus: 600 ChecksForms^ a


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Better than ACH electronic transfers. No PayPal restrictions or fees. Eliminate waiting for "checks in the mail." Better than PopMoney, ZashPay, AlertPay or OboPay ... which restrict access, impose fees, dollar limits and can take days before you receive money.

ChecksNet™ can do mobile payments.
Zero smartphone or tablet attachments!

Insurance industry began bank draft usage in 1920's. Millions of bank drafts have been created with ChecksNet™ Software.


Start using it immediately!
When you order, you get software delivered 2 ways. Within minutes, you can download & start using ChecksNet. You also get complete kit with CD & ChecksForms shipped by FedEx.
  • More tips on collecting bad checks & avoiding bank fees
  • FREE Priority Phone Support. Simply phone us durring normal business hours and receive up to ten minutes of free assistance.

Biggest differences between ChecksNet and competitors:

1. One price includes everything you need.
2. No transaction or "per check" fees.

3. Ease of use ( 1 main window). Here's what ChecksNet looks like in Windows 8.1 Pro. Others may not work in Windows 8 or on a tablet and in Windows Xp, Vista or Windows 7.
4. They make you enter data in many (multiple) windows.

5. Rock solid. We remove bugs beforehand. Others crash Windows & interfere with popular software.
Over the past years, we counted 193 competitors (most went out of business)

#1 reason people choose ChecksNet
is a referral from someone using it now.

~ Freestanding means the computer or other device running Windows 32bit is NOT on a network (not a server or workstation).
^Limited Time offer may be changed at any time.
* Tested & runs perfectly in Windows 10.1 with ALL the latest Windows 10 updates from Microsoft in 32bit on desktop PC and tablets. Note: If you upgrade from Windows 8.1, a physical printer MUST be installed and designated as DEFAULT before installing or using ChecksNet™.

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Neither popmoney, zashpay, obopay, alertpay paypal or ACH are more cost effective or faster than collecting money with checksnet