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Welcome to ChecksNet™, makers of CheckToner™ MICR Cartridges for black and white, color laser and multi-function printers. We have been supplying banks and businesses around the world for over 59 YEARS. We specialize in providing MICR Toner Cartridges for printers that most of our competitors say is IMPOSSIBLE to use for printing checks. ChecksNet™ has the lowest defective MICR cartridge rate in the world, which is why we get repeat orders from major banks halfway around the globe like United Overseas Bank in Kuala Lumpur. Our customers demand the most reliable MICR cartridges. All our MICR cartridges are made by us using MICR toner that we specially formulate for each make and model of laser printer. Years of research and testing makes us the trusted supplier of MICR Toner Cartridges for companies including Dell™, Lexmark™, Okidata™, Samsung™ and Xerox™.

New ATM Machines require MICR.

Something that may surprise you is that new ATM machines that scan checks are requiring MICR toner or the item will be rejected by the machine. This requirement was added in 2014 to thwart attempts by criminals to pass bogus checks they print with cheap inkjet printers or laser printers using regular (non-MICR) toner cartridges.

Can I use an color laser printer to print checks?

One of our competitors who claims to be a world leader in MICR, proclaims in writing that you can't use MICR toner in a color laser printer to make reliable checks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our competitors lack the determination or expertise we have at ChecksNet™. Formulating MICR for color laser printers is more difficult and expensive but we do it because many of our customers want the ability to print FULL-COLOR checks. Some consider us the global experts on MICR check printing which is why Dell, Lexmark, Okidata, Samsung and Xerox refer customers to us and frequently purchase MICR cartridges directly from us for their customers.

Is MICR requirement the same in all countries?

No. This is why our CheckToner™ contains the highest levels of magnetic particles so you can be sure that your MICR line will scan accurately at a major bank in Bangladesh or a small retail store in Boston, Mass.

What is MICR Toner?

MICR is the acronym which stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR symbols and numerals (the MICR font) is most commonly used in the routing and bank account numbers on the bottom of checks, bank drafts and deposit slips. Years ago, checks were normally printed on large commercial printing presses using a thick MICR Ink or paste. As time and technology improved, inexpensive and smaller laser printers became capable of using powdered MICR Toner. ChecksNet™ pioneered much of the progress by working with the best people to formulate MICR toner that can print perfect checks even in laser printers costing as little as $29 U.S. Dollars. By producing checks yourself, it eliminates the need to re-print checks when addresses or other banking information changes. Aside from lower cost per check, one of the other big advantages to making your own checks is minimizing the exposure of your account information. Printing checks on our ChecksForms™ security paper also helps to reduce fraud. ChecksNet™ makes MICR Toner Cartridges for over 1,100 different black & white, color and multi-function (MFP) laser printers. When printer manufacturers introduce new models, we pride ourselves in being the first provider of MICR toner cartridges for the new printer. We do this by obtaining the actual printer so we can research the mechanics of it and test the MICR until we achieve the best results for you. The most commonly used type of laser printer for MICR are monochrome (only prints black, and not color). This is because black & white lasers are the least expensive AND because most of our competitors don't have the skills to formulate MICR toner for color laser printers. We have those skills, which is how and why ChecksNet™ CAN provide MICR toner cartridges for many color laser printers. However, some color printers cannot use MICR toner, simply because their fuser temperature (part that makes toner adhere to paper) does not meet the level needed for a proper layer of MICR toner on check paper. MICR toner must be at specific levels so checks can be magnetically read by readers at banks and retail locations.

How MICR Toner is made.

MICR Toner is basically a plastic powder. It contains magnetized Iron Oxide, a metal which allows the toner to transmit a magnetic signal when passed through bank readers. MICR readers scan and record the routing and account numbers from the bottom of checks. Laser printing of MICR is the only 100% reliable way to print checks because inkjet printers use liquid inks where Iron Oxide doesn't blend. The Iron Oxide particles settle to the bottom of the inkjet cartridges and tends to clog the nozzles of the printhead. This causes white lines. End result with an inkjet are checks that will NOT look good or scan properly at banks or businesses. Many banks charge up to $10 EACH when a check fails to scan magnetically. Non-magnetic checks can also be routed to wrong bank or account which results in returned checks and more bank fees. Criminals often try to print checks using the cheapest inkjet printers so many banks and retailers train their employees to suspect customers of trying to pass a "bad check" if it fails to scan magnetically. These are additional reasons why using 100% reliable MICR toner is so important.

Shelf life of MICR toner.

CheckToner™ MICR Toner has a shelf life of up to 9.7 years. It is not a liquid, so it doesn't evaporate or dry up like liquid in inkjet printer cartridges. However, CheckToner™ MICR Toner can be damaged by exposure to extreme temperatures or very high humidity so keep it in a controlled (human temp & humidity) environment. If MICR toner is damaged by high humidity it becomes lumpy. When exposed to extreme heat or cold, it can become rock solid. Storing CheckToner™ MICR Toner at normal room temperature and humidity results in maximum shelf life.

Every CheckToner™ MICR Toner Cartridge from ChecksNet™ is guaranteed 100% to contain MICR toner that has been formulated and tested with bank and retail MICR readers and scanners. Every new batch oif our MICR toner is tested at banks. Our specialty is MICR toner. We do not sell ANY cartridges with regular toner.

If you have any unanswered questions about ChecksNet™, CheckToner™ or use of our MICR toner cartridges in your printer, please contact us. or call 725-222-1007

MICR Toner Cartridges for Banks & Businesses around the world.

All our MICR toner cartridges meet American Bankers Association (ABA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Canadian Bankers Association, Canadian Payments Association (CPA), Danish Bankers Association, Egyptian Bankers Association, Fédération Française Bancaire, Malayan Bankers Association, Bankers Association of the Philippines, Association of Banks in Singapore and UAE Banks Federation standards. This GUARANTEES our MICR toner cartridge meets specs at YOUR bank. or credit union. or credit union.
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