FREE REPLACEMENT for every MICR toner cartridge
is included in all our shipping charges

We do things differently at ChecksNet for YOUR benefit:

1. Instead of putting toner cartridges in thin black plastic bags,
we carefully pack each MICR cartridge in a WHITE PADDED bag.

2. Padded bags add protection against shipping damage.

3. Sealed padded bag is then placed in thick corrugated carton
(not thin boxes like some cartridge suppliers)

4. Additional padding materials are added to protect toner cartridges with delicate (breakable) parts.

5. If the toner cartridge leaks any black MICR toner during shipping, you see it instantly when you open the sealed bag.
Note: Due to cartridge design, some cartridges normally leak a small amount during shipping.

5. If you receive a damaged MICR cartridge,
simply phone 213-394-9358 24/7 or
within 7 days of receipt. Within 1 business day
we arrange replacement at NO COST to you.*

   BOTTOM LINE: ChecksNet™ responds quickly
so you can print checks ASAP at no extra cost.

*Free replacement(s) are shipped same way as original shipment (Ground,3Day,2Day,Next) unless recipient prefers
to pay additional charge for faster delivery of the replacement(s). Items in stock are shipped within 1 business day
after receipt of damage report and photo proof. Replacement cartridge(s) not in stock are subject to availability.

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