American Bankers Association requires MICR toner to produce Iron Oxide signal strength of 50.
Canadian, European and other foreign banks require signal strength of 80.
Iron oxide in most regular laser printer toner cartridges is approximately 30.

Signal strength of CheckToner specially formulated MICR is up to 114.

We test every batch of our MICR toner. We reject any MICR toner with a signal strength below required levels.

Banks read the MICR line using an optical character reader or sorter. Checks pass through the MICR reader at approximately 70 miles per hour. If MICR line signal strength is less than 50, the check is rejected by the bank. Rejected checks require human input of every routing code, account number and check number. Manual inputs can also result in additional bank charges for each rejected check. More important is the fact that HUMANS MAKE MISTAKES. If the banker enters 1 wrong digit, the check will be routed to the wrong bank or wrong account. When this happens a check "bounces" and is returned unpaid which creates bank fees OR money is taken from a wrong account which creates a list of problems and additional costs.

Laser printers magnetize the drum (shiny blue or green metal roller) inside the printer. The drum pulls toner onto its surface which forms the image to be printed. The drum rolls over the check paper while heating the MICR toner so it adheres (fuses) to paper and produces a check. Each laser printer fuses toner at different temperature levels. This is why MICR toner must be formulated and tested in specific laser printer makes and models.

Today we have laser printers that feed paper as fast as 70 pages per minute. This creates problems when using MICR toner because the added metal particles in MICR toner generate more heat than regular toner. If the fuser temperature gets too high, toner melts which causes it to spray inside the printer instead of adhering to the check paper. Overheating results in unacceptable checks and may also cause permanent damage to the laser printer.

ChecksNet has formulated MICR toner for many of the fastest new laser printers including Samsung ML-5512/6512, Xerox 4622, Xerox 3615, Okidata B6500, Lexmark MS-315 through MX812 Series and Dell S2810 through S2830 Series. Our CheckToner MICR passes high speed testing at banks in Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Egypt, France, Great Britain, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and United States.

   BOTTOM LINE: CheckToner™ MICR exceeds
ALL banking standards worldwide.

For free analysis of your checks, mail 3 sample pages of your check(s) to:
35 E. Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 110-48
Henderson NV 89002 USA

1. Mark the checks with the Toner Darkness setting used to print each page.
Include your email address and phone number.

We email findings & suggestions within 1 business day after examination.

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