Get paid instantly - NO transaction fees. Accept checks by phone, fax, email or website. ChecksNet™ converts customer data to bank drafts that you deposit just like checks. Print customer payment in 3 seconds.
Instant bank deposit with your phone.*

Bank Validator™ verifies bank codes, avoids bounced drafts.
Make business or wallet-size drafts or checks
Endorsement print on back. (eliminates rubber stamps).
Import or export data in ASCII, db, dbf, comma-separated (CSV).
Use with laser or multi-function laser printers. We suggest a MICR toner cartridge to avoid bounced checks, bank fees, merchant and ATM rejections.
Add security watermarks, logos, photos, graphics.
90 days of FREE tech support by email & $100 free phone support.
Accept payments from anywhere with smartphone or tablet using FREE PayMeNow™ Android and iPhone app.
Free-standing~ Windows™ Xp / Media Center / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.0 or 10.1 desktop, laptop or tablet with 32bit Windows installed on C: drive AND a physical laser or inkjet printer designated as DEFAULT. You MUST install printer, then ChecksNet.
64bit system workaround: Install 32bit Windows on a new drive or drive partition, access via dual boot.

NEW Print & deposit money in seconds!
Enter data into 1 ChecksNet 25 screen . . . . . .
. . . Print draft, use smartphone bank app to

take photo & deposit payment in your bank.

MSRP $799.99 On sale now ... see PRICES
Order &
receive $100 Bonus: 1500 ChecksForms

Order now & use it today! ...
You get software delivered 2 ways. Download & use ChecksNet. You also get kit: USB thumb drive & ChecksForms by FedEx.

^Limited Time offer may be changed at any time.
 ~ Freestanding means the computer or other device running Windows 32bit is NOT on a network (not a server or workstation).
*Deposits made via smartphone apps or ATM require the ChecksNet bank draft to be printed on ChecksForms paper with CheckToner MICR in the laser printer or deposit may be rejected.

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